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Our VAT Recovery Process

Our experts use Profit Recovery Solutions’ specially designed software and systems to quickly and efficiently review millions of transactions. We’re equipped to transform any data to a standardised format in order to apply our data-mining algorithms. Part of our process is to determine where and why errors occurred, so that you can address the problem and take preventive action.

VAT Benefits Review

This efficiency review is a systematic input VAT recovery process, comprising a line-by-line interrogation of transactions to identify errors in capturing the VAT. No data set is too large. Our aim is to secure tangible cash vat recovery benefits.

Dispute Resolution

This service entails an assessment of VAT payments to identify opportunities for penalties and interest levied by the South Africa Revenue Service to be reduced or waived. Once we have identified an opportunity, we will prepare an objection for submission to SARS.


Clients that have recovered cash through PRS.


The percentage of projects that resulted in successful outcomes for our clients.

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