Profit Recovery Solutions

Industry Case Studies

Profit Recovery Solutions has provided VAT Recovery Services for clients across a variety of industries:

Retail & Wholesale

Needless to say, retailers operate on very thin margins and cash recovered from historical oversights together with improvements in efficiencies can have a lasting impact.

We at PRS have extensive knowledge of the retail industry, having performed profit recovery reviews for some of the worlds largest retailers.

1) Large retail-led healthcare group.


The group has over 795 stores and is a leader in the healthcare market. It has a large retail pharmacy chain with over 473 in-store pharmacies. One of its divisions is a leading full-range national pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Our Contributions

We received 5 years of financial data, containing 750 million transactions.

We identified deficiencies in how SAP was set up to deal with point of sales tax and rounding. This led to the client being able to recover a substantial amount.

We also identified and enabled the client to rectify various other processing errors and system errors.

2) Large grocery retailer.


Our client is a retailer that serves 35 million customers through 2689 stores in 15 countries. It employs 144,000 people.

Our Contributions

The sheer volume of transactions coupled with the client’s satisfaction with our work, resulted in our engagement becoming part of the continuous business processes. To date we have recovered substantial amounts for the client.

We have been able to highlight deficiencies in their processes and have assisted the client in implementing system enhancements.

Energy And Resources

The energy and resources sector is in a phase of cost cutting and cash preservation.

PRS helps businesses to firstly recover cash hidden in the historical data and secondly to ensure improvements in efficiency and compliance going forward.

1) Gold Mining


Our client is a mid-tier, unhedged gold producer and a world leader in surface gold tailings retreatment. In FY2016 the company produced 143 457oz of gold.

Our Contribution

PRS met with the accounting and IT staff the data necessary for the review.

The PRS analyst then used the custom-written proprietary DataTherapist Software to carry out a series of standard tests in these categories:

  • Cash discounts
  • Invoice errors
  • Duplicate payments
  • Credit memos

The chief financial officer was more than satisfied by the result. A material amount of money had been made, and for every dollar the company kept, it only had to pay out 28 cents with minimal staff effort. The exercise had proved that the company’s internal controls were working very well, as the recoveries were lower than expected but still a valuable exercise for all interested parties. Reputable would be asked back in two or three years’ time to repeat the experiment.

2) Diversified Mining Company


Our client mines manganese ore and iron ore. The client also produces manganese alloys. It employs 6 567 permanent employees and operates as three divisions, namely iron ore, manganese and chrome.

The bulk of the client’s production is exported to the Asia, Europe, India and the United States of America.

Our Contribution

We were engaged to perform a review of historical data with a specific scope to identify VAT recoverable.

Having performed a detailed review of the historical financial data, we discovered  substantial savings ($6m). The failure to claim valid input tax credits were as a result of various factors, including processing errors, inexperienced staff and the incorrect treatment of one off and “out of the ordinary” transactions.


The shifting demands of consumers and the ever increasing need for immediacy in product delivery has resulted in increasing complexity that manufacturing companies now have to deal with; this complexity is reflected in their financial data.

On top of this, the government is not helping to facilitate manufacturing companies. Complexity is the enemy of transactional certainty; we are dedicated to recovering profit that has fallen victim to this complexity, as well as providing you with strategies to increase the robustness of your financial machinery.

International Rubber Manufacturer

Our contribution.

We identified serious shortcomings in how the client dealt with settlement discounts at branch level. There were also missed input tax credits with regards to accounts payable transactions and cashbook transactions.


Market orientated production and profitability will always be the biggest challenge for the agriculture industry in order to ensure the sustainability of production and food security. Therefore, producers will still have to do everything in their power to improve the price ratio between the prices they pay for production inputs and the prices they receive for their products as far as possible.

PRS can play a valuable part in the enhancement of profitability by recovering cash and identifying inefficiencies.

Financial And Insurance

As disruptive newcomers and innovation  redefine the marketplace, insurers and finance companies remain focused on growing  sales and bottom-line profitability.

PRS can add great value to the bottom line profitability by recovering cash by identifying past errors and current inefficiencies.

Leisure And Entertainment

Technological advances are driving a rapidly shifting entertainment / leisure landscape. This changing environment brings with it many new opportunities, as well as challenges faced by established companies.

We can assist in extracting extra cash to fund solutions to these challenges.

1) Large Cinema Group


Our client boasts some 54 movie complexes with more than 400 screens and 63000 seats.

Our Contributions

Our client had been engaged recently by another service provider. We were given the opportunity to have a “second go” at the data. We never doubted that our superior software and highly skilled analysts would still be able to add value and discover additional savings.

We identified almost 10,000 processing errors and enabled the client to recoup a substantial amount in unclaimed input tax credits.

2) Hotel and Casino Group


Our client is an award-winning hospitality and entertainment company which operates 13 hotels and 10 casinos.

Other Industries

Every business, irrespective of industry, faces constant challenges to protect and enhance its bottom line profitability. This can be done by increasing sales and/or reducing costs and inefficiencies.

PRS can assist with the second part. We are experts at recovering cash that was lost due due historical errors. We also identify inefficiencies that will have a lasting benefit for your company.